We’re Movin’ This Party to South Korea

Hey guys! So….this blog didn’t really quite turn out like I wanted it to.

Instead of blogging daily while I was actually on my trip, I kept a travel journal. I didn’t start turning that journal into this blog until after I had returned home. And I never even finished writing about my time in Spain, let alone the other nine countries I made it to.

It was no bueno and I apologize. However, it was good practice for my upcoming trip:

I’m moving to Namyangju, South Korea next Saturday, March 8th, and I will DEFINITELY be keeping a blog. This city is about 35 minutes NE of Seoul. I will be teaching English to Korean children and I can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

The link to my South Korean blog is down below on the right-hand column: “Baby’s Got Seoul!” I’d love for you to join me there.

iVámanos a la playa!…….. del Sur Corea!!!

Yours truly,



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BoraBora and Amnesia

Today, the girls and I did a little bit of shopping and we went to Bora Bora for dinner.



BoraBora Beach Party

BoraBora Beach Party

It’s an all-day, every day famous beach party here in Ibiza town. Even in broad daylight, the beach is packed, the music is pumping, and the people are WILD.

We had a wonderful Italian dinner complete with red wine and fancy drinks with umbrellas. Drinks Afterwards, we took the party bus back to our apartment and got ready for the night.

We packed up all of our bags and checked out of our hotel around 12:30 AM on our way to the club. It’s funny, because we paid for three nights, but we really only slept there for two. :-p

When we got to Club Amnesia, it cost us each 35 euros to get in. (Ouch!) Then, we checked our bags and got the party re-started!!

beachAlthough still a big club with multiple different-themed rooms, Amnesia was nothing like Privilege. We met a really cool chick from Brazil and some fun guys from Mallorca. The music was good and the only song with words was Oasis’ WonderWall. When it came on, the lights went crazy, the sound effects were amazing, and everybody freaked out. I THINK I may have had an epiphany during that song about myself hahahaha.

Hangin' with Bob Marley

Hangin' with Bob Marley

Actually, WonderWall seems to be a very popular song in all of Spain and I’m not quite sure why…

Bob Marley

Mr. Marley

We left the club around 6 AM to go straight to the dock to get on our ferry. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do… haha beach2

All in all, I had an experience of a lifetime, truly, in Ibiza that I will NEVER FORGET, nor will I ever be able to tell my grandchildren about all the details. 🙂

Staying in Sant Antoni was wonderful and very central to everything we wanted to do.

I’ll be back one day, Ibiza… Just you wait. I do hope it’s sooner than later!

Original journal entry Saturday, September 29, 2007

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Ibiza: What a “Trip”

Cookin' breakfast

Cookin' breakfast

Today, we woke up and prepared a feast for ourselves.  Seriously, the breakfast of

Our beachfront view

Our beachfront view

champions:  eggs, toast, cereal, muffins, OJ… todo!

Later, we walked around the beach and we were given free wristbands into the biggest club ever!  Club Privilege, the Guinness Book of World Records holder for the largest club in the WORLD, is having their closing party tonight… and we’re going for FREE!!!!  (Saved us each 60 euros door fee- that’s about $90!)

[Club Privilege:  7 dance floors, 6 different rooms, 12 bars, a center dome and a large swimming pool]

We also did some shopping downtown and mingled with some locals.  Most people here are from England, so speaking English this weekend is a nice treat.


(not my photo)

Tonight, we got to Privilege around 12:30 AM.  First thing we did was suck nitrous oxide out of a balloon at one of two “Laughing Gas” stands.  Fun.  🙂 Short-lived, but fun.

We ran into a friend from our school back in Barca and also ran into our Brazilian friends from the ferry ride there.

I DANCED LIKE CRAAAAAZY… Non-stop, literally, till 8 in the morning or later!  The DJ actually invited me to dance in his sound booth around 8 AM and we toasted with champagne to the best closing party ever.

There was a performing group that night, similar to Cirque de Soleil, except that they chose to do most acts naked.  :-p  There was an “act” of a woman hanging from the ceiling in a huge, flowing, white dress with angel-men trying to reach her.

Another act started with four naked girls swimming in the pool (yes, this place has a HUGE pool going underneath the center stages and DJ booth).  Then, they got into these illuminated sack-like bags and were lifted up to the ceiling.  Of course, the music was SO trippy, nobody knew what was going on.  Ultimately, I believe what we watched was supposed to represent them “being born” and coming through the slimy birth canal and falling into the pool below…  Very artsy… I totally dig it.

Another act had Tarzan-like men crawling on the walls down to the center stage, where naked female bodies had been respectfully carried in, wrapped in clear plastic wrap.  When the men finally reached them, they tore off the wrappers with their feet, hands, and mouths, dangling loose fake organs all over the place.  Then, they sorta, kinda, had dry sex.  Weeeeiiiird.


(not my photo)

Yet another act had a wall of men in white jump-suits  in a human pyramid on one of the walls.  They were wiggling and waving red streamers- it kind of looked like sperm swimming through a blood stream, but I have no idea.

This “art” was definitely left open to different interpretations, probably depending upon which drug people were on.  haha

They also had the “Naked Police” (that’s what my friends and I dubbed them) who would strip people in the crowd and throw them onto the stage.  It was scary as hell!  Every time they got remotely close to us, we bolted for the door to get away.  There were eight of them and they carried big flashlights when they ran through the crowd in their pink jumpsuits.

I didn’t even feel like I was dancing TO the music.  It’s like I FELT it.

All in all, this was by far the trippiest club I’ve ever been to and the craziest night I’ve ever experienced in my entire life.  Truly, a life-altering experience.




P.S.  Next time, I think I’ll bring sunglasses.  😉

Original journal entry Friday, September 28, 2007

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Ibiza, Here I Come!

Today, three of my girlfriends and I hopped on a ferry to Ibiza, Spain, one of the Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea by Mallorca and Menorca.

Along with Formentera, it’s one of the two Pine Islands.

European friends on ferry

European friends on ferry

The name Ibiza is derived from the original Arabic word “Yabisah” meaning “land” or “landward.” Eivissa is the official name in Catalan.

The island was founded in 654 BC by Phoenician settlers, and is now famous for huge, crazy, PACKED summer parties and raves.

We arrived real late tonight, so the girls and I decided to call it a day, stay in and begin with the festivities manana.

We had our own lil’ party at home in our sweet beach-front apartment tonight.

Tomorrow, let the games begin!

My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal

Original journal entry Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Barca Soccer = Woop! Woop!

Today was awesome.  A bunch of us met at a pub near the “futbol” arena to pre-game and visit.  Then, we headed to the Barcelona v. Zaragoza soccer game.

Nikki & I in our seats

Nikki & I in our seats

Nikki and I bought scalped tickets from a guy with season passes named Paco.  They were 75 euros each and we paid 35 euros each right outside the arena!  WHAT AMAAAAZING SEATS!!! 🙂

Barcelona won, of course, 4-1. It was a real fun game to watch, especially since we were all decked out in our Barca uniforms.

We met before our pre-game party to buy team jerseys together.  Talk about the perfect souvenir.  Woop woop!

Olena & I at pre-game pub

Olena & I at pre-game pub

Original journal entry Wednesday, September 26, 2007

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Just Another Day in the Fabulous Life

Today is the Dia de la Merce. NO SCHOOL! Yay :-). So, tonight a bunch of us met up at the beach and then we all went to Catwalk, a club on the beach very close to our university.

Only two stories tall, fairly small, but the first floor had some real good house music going on…

Another fun night with dancing and friends!

Original journal entry Monday, September 24, 2007

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Who Needs Purgatory when There’s Heaven on Earth?

Today we headed to el Parque Nacional de Aiguestortes here in Vall de Boi. Wow. What an absolutely beautiful place!

We took 4×4 Jeep Defenders up the mountain and I swear, I felt like I was on the Jurrasic Park jeep tour, it was THAT cool.

Jeep Sheep Attack!

Jeep Sheep Attack!

There were sheep all over the path, breath-taking views around every corner, lots of streams, waterfalls, mountains, and a big, beautiful lake.

Honestly, this place looked like heaven here on Earth, or at least the place where the two meet. It was a damp morning from all the rainfall the night before; the clouds were low and thick and the mountain peaks poked right up through them….. Mmmmm, stunning.

I would definitely not mind living here.

Original journal entry Sunday, September 23, 2007

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