Spain, Here I Come!

My five-month journey has begun! Today, I safely landed in Madrid, Spain. It was the scariest flight of my life, just waiting for my lung to pop!

On the airplane

On the airplane

(30 days before I left for Europe, I suffered a spontaneous numo-thorax, a small bubble in my lung that popped and caused my lung to slowly deflate. Doctors told me not to fly for 60 days. When I assertively told them I was flying in 30, they showed me how to poke a hole in my chest with objects ranging from the plastic needle they gave me, to a ballpoint pen, to a plastic fork- All of which I should have disposable to me in the air.)

Needless to say, these were three long, scary flights.

I am staying with my group at Hotel Husa, in the center of downtown Madrid. Tonight, we just checked out the town and walked around. Tomorrow, we begin!

My Travel Journal

My Travel Journal

Original journal entry Saturday, September 1, 2007


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