The Royal Side of Madrid

Today, I visited El Palacio Real: the biggest palace in Spain where the Royal Family sometimes lived and always celebrated their festivities, as they still do today.

It literally has thousands of rooms! 2,800 to be exact. Rooms for eating, drinking, visiting, sleeping; there’s a movie room, billiards room, snack room, opium smoking room, coat room; there’s a room for people to take their coats off before they go put them in the coat room! iQue ridiculoso!

Me in front of El Palacio Real

Me in front of El Palacio Real

This place is definitely beyond cool and I could for sure handle living here…

Later, we went to El Museo Reina Sofia: the most important contemporary art museum in all of Spain. I saw the works of famous artists such as Dali, Picasso, and Miro, all of whom are Spanish natives.

Picasso’s “La Guernica” was only something I had seen in school text books since I was a little girl… In person, it was GIGANTIC. I stared at it for a good 25 minutes and I still didn’t take it all in. Wow, it’s incredible.

Standing outside the Royal Palace

Standing outside the Royal Palace

Dali had some pretty nifty stuff for sure. His works were actually my favorites at this museum.

Miro had a few impressive pieces, but the whole arrow-and-some-dots concept on a huge white canvas… SO not feeling it. I could’ve done without the entire “abstract room” for sure and spent another 15 minutes being mesmerized by “La Guernica.”

Walking around downtown Madrid

Walking around downtown Madrid

Original journal entry Monday, September 3, 2007


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