Bullfight Debauchery or Guilty Torture

Today, I went to la Plaza de Toros de Barcelona and watched five out of six bulls die a brutal and demeaning death. (I’m still not sure why the second bull was let go.)

The stadium

The stadium

Apparently, the bulls’ vocal chords are cut before the event and that’s why you don’t hear them screaming for the 25 minutes they’re in the arena. Although, I could still sometimes hear them moaning in pain.

The “show” begins with four matadors angering the bull by teasing him with the pink sheets they wave at him. I understood their sole purpose was to tire the bull out by making him run around.

Then, a knight-looking dude comes out on a horse and spears the bull right in his spine.

The ring

The ring

Twice! Even sitting up in the stands, I could see blood pouring down his back and sides…

After this, the main matador comes out. He’s much more bold and skilled than the others. Plus, his sheet is red instead of pink. While he controls where he wants the bull to go and what he wants him to do, all while moving as little as possible, the other four matadors come back out and take turns poking two big spikes into the bull’s back.

Later, the guy on the horse returns and after this the main matador keeps the bull going until he can’t really run anymore. Then, it’s the matador’s goal to kill the bull with as few sword stabs as possible.

You see the whole bull’s body quiver and sporadically shake when the sword goes through his brain and hits all his nerves.


When the poor bull is finally dead, they drag his bloody carcass out while people throw flowers and blow kisses to their favorite matadors.

The matadors

The matadors

I also saw the slaughter house where the five bulls got skinned, spliced in half, and got their heads cut off.

It was all very disgusting and very, very sad. What’s ironic is the majority of Spaniards don’t support bull-fighting, yet it’s supposedly a “big thing” in Spain.

Original journal entry Sunday, September 16, 2007


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