I Rode the Short Bus

Unfortunately for Nikki and I, last night was too much fun… because we missed our group bus to Vall de Boi this morning.  Shit. 

Nikki & I Playing Catch-Up

Nikki & I Playing Catch-Up

It met fairly late too, at 10AM, but no worries. Being the resourceful, little, hungover trooper that I am, I got online while Nikki conveniently took a nap and I found us another bus. We met up with the group at the hotel 10 1/2 hours and 27.27 euros each later….

Our hotel was in the city, Vielha, up north in the beautiful Pyrenees Mountains that extend all the way to France.

Rainy Arrival

Rainy Arrival

Once we found our friends randomly in town (the town is pretty tiny), we went to

dinner at a restaurant called Sports Vielha where we later ate the sorriest excuses for dessert ever. I do believe Spaniards just don’t understand the concept of a brownie, or chocolate anything for that matter. Their cheesecake was definitely weird too….

BUT, dinner was good, friends were there, it was rainy and wet, but we made it to our hotel safe and sound and fat and happy. 🙂

A Town View

A Town View

Original journal entry Saturday, September 22, 2007


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