BoraBora and Amnesia

Today, the girls and I did a little bit of shopping and we went to Bora Bora for dinner.



BoraBora Beach Party

BoraBora Beach Party

It’s an all-day, every day famous beach party here in Ibiza town. Even in broad daylight, the beach is packed, the music is pumping, and the people are WILD.

We had a wonderful Italian dinner complete with red wine and fancy drinks with umbrellas. Drinks Afterwards, we took the party bus back to our apartment and got ready for the night.

We packed up all of our bags and checked out of our hotel around 12:30 AM on our way to the club. It’s funny, because we paid for three nights, but we really only slept there for two. :-p

When we got to Club Amnesia, it cost us each 35 euros to get in. (Ouch!) Then, we checked our bags and got the party re-started!!

beachAlthough still a big club with multiple different-themed rooms, Amnesia was nothing like Privilege. We met a really cool chick from Brazil and some fun guys from Mallorca. The music was good and the only song with words was Oasis’ WonderWall. When it came on, the lights went crazy, the sound effects were amazing, and everybody freaked out. I THINK I may have had an epiphany during that song about myself hahahaha.

Hangin' with Bob Marley

Hangin' with Bob Marley

Actually, WonderWall seems to be a very popular song in all of Spain and I’m not quite sure why…

Bob Marley

Mr. Marley

We left the club around 6 AM to go straight to the dock to get on our ferry. Probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do… haha beach2

All in all, I had an experience of a lifetime, truly, in Ibiza that I will NEVER FORGET, nor will I ever be able to tell my grandchildren about all the details. 🙂

Staying in Sant Antoni was wonderful and very central to everything we wanted to do.

I’ll be back one day, Ibiza… Just you wait. I do hope it’s sooner than later!

Original journal entry Saturday, September 29, 2007


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